Friday, February 22, 2008

Great Pre-Workout Song

The Unit is a CBS show about US Army Special Forces. It's basically an up to date version of the A-Team, but without Mr. T. The show is worth watching because it's produced by Dave Mamet and is based on a great book written by Eric Haney called Inside Delta Force

The show's theme song for the first two seasons is an adaptation of the US Marine Corp running song "Fired Up... Feels Good" and created by composer Robert Duncan.

I've really come to love the theme song and find it to be a great workout motivator. Below is a link to the song for anyone else who might want to add some cadence to your jog.

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mama rosie said...

So glad to see this blog up and running again - good luck and happy losing to you all.

Remember to move, eat lots of salad, drink lots of water and it will be that piece of cake you shouldn't eat.